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33o                         BYZANTINE CHURCHES                       CHAP.
Epitaph In honour of Tornikes : 
ocrovs oV a9poioi rts ci/^aS VKpov<s 6 rackets  lcJUy Topi/tK??s, o rpl<$ apt0*Tei>$ rj  Kov<TTav\o<$ //.eyas, <Scr7rp pilous,  /3eArt<TTj  7rt$rJK<n>s A-ecov. s  os,  fiwikiK&v aVore)($ets at/Aarw, 7rapcr)(^ airrots 7rpo<r<f>vjj KGLL rbi/ rpQTrw. 7ro?ov yap oij/c ^v dper^s etSos ^epcav, (os 6 TT^OOTCOI/ GKacrTQV c^Tet )(poi/os ;
Jp(0poi>$ ra/crtK^y eVvet wv a<j>vKTQ<s awots dOpoots, TTJ  <5e orrpaTt^ TrarpiKWS iTrecrrarefc, cfrpovp&v rot Kotva, po) /cXa?r^ rb 25 K7]5oT;s Se ru)(a)F e'uycvo'us /ca*
^v woSety/Aa Trapets TOI/ /3iov, o"Tr]<s e'UTeX'^s Iv ocrreots. rjXte /<at yyj Kat reAc^ratofc Kporot.
ocro v 7Tp awbv dyvoow O'u rvy)(ai/fc. dXX   $ /x,ove,  fwv /cat ^QKrrQv ras ct TTOV rt Kat TreTTpax^v avrtp /*
irapaa")((dv Trjv  ESeF KX^pov StSov.
In line 7 the inscription reads fcpoow instead of^epaov ; in
line 23 npcnoM for
Good Friend !    However many dead applauses (celebrities)
One may collect here5
The entombed Tornikes, who was thrice a foremost man or Grand
Will put them to shame as a lion will put to shame mimicking apes* He who was by birth of royal blood, Presented also a manner of life conformed to that descent. For what form of virtue did he not possess Such as the fitting occasion demanded each ? Therefore he was a councillor before the usual age5 And a popular leader and an acute judge, And upon enemies he breathed a strategic flame (such as military
rules required), And was an irresistible thunderbolt upon their serried ranks.